Deputy Director of the Foundation for the Study of Armenian Architecture Raffi Kortoshian touched upon the fate of Armenian cultural values remaining in Western Armenia and the territories of Artsakh occupied by Azerbaijan and the decisions of international authorities. “In fact, the Armenian cultural genocide was of a prolonged nature and does not stop, and what we saw in 2020 may not exist today,” says R. Kortoshian, noting that the purpose of their actions is to save the last crumbs of the Armenian civilization being destroyed, at least on paper. 

He recalls that with the destruction of the Armenian people in the Ottoman Empire, a significant part of their spiritual, cultural and intangible values were also destroyed. Now, under pressure from the international community, Azerbaijan has slightly changed its policy and is carrying out cultural genocide in these new areas with a new appetite, presenting Armenian monuments as Albanian. We want to remind you that in the territories recognized internationally by Azerbaijan, the Hague Court recognized all Armenian monuments as the heritage of the Armenian people.