On April 24, 2022, at 12:00, a memorial ceremony for the victims of the  Genocide of Armenians was held at Antonin Pons Square in Lyon, organized by the National Council of Western Armenia with the participation of the National Association of Armenian Veterans and Supporters, the French Association of Veterans and Resistance Fighters, as well as deputies of the Parliament of Western Armenia. On this occasion, the official message of the National Council of Western Armenia was announced in French and Armenian. 

Wreaths were laid on behalf of the National Council of Western Armenia, the national anthem of Western Armenia – “Zartir Lao” was played, which broke the minute of announced silence. With a welcoming speech to the flag bearers, the official ceremony was declared closed.http://www.western-armenia.eu/news/Actualite/2022/107eme_Commemoration_des_victimes_du_genocide_des_Armeniens.pdf