In Western Armenia, in addition to the Bagratuni dynasty, which ruled in the Middle Ages, the Arpachai River and the gorge of its surroundings hosted different civilizations. There are historical values in this place and it is rich in beautiful nature. The Bagratuni dynasty lived in the provinces of Kars, Ardahan, Van, and Ardvin of Western Armenia. The city of Bagaran, one of the first settlements of Bagratuni, which declared its independence under Ashot Msaker and ruled in the vicinity of Kars and Ani, still retains traces of the Middle Ages. At the end of the IX century, Bagaran was the capital of the newly created Bagratuni state. Bagaran is one of the most important medieval cities, where visitors are waiting for the preserved two churches and ruins of ancient structures. Dear compatriots, you can visit this wonderful place in your historical homeland, in Western Armenia, and get more information about your history.