On April 30, 1991, a large-scale operation “Ring” of deportation of Armenian settlements of Artsakh by Azerbaijani forces and atrocities against Armenians began and continued until August. The main actors in its implementation were the special purpose units of the militia of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan (OMON), supported by units of the internal troops, and the 4th Army of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR. 

On April 30, the villages of Getashen and Martuni were shelled, during which tanks, helicopter gunships, and artillery were used against the peaceful Armenian population. In fact, there were killings of Armenians motivated by ethnic hatred, torture, and other atrocities. 

As a result of this operation, more than two dozen villages were destroyed, almost 10,000 people were deported, and more than 100 were killed. Moreover, as a result of Operation Ring, 100 people were taken hostage, and the fate of many people is still unknown.