The capture of the eastern provinces of Iran and Byzantium by the Arabs in the middle of the 7th century had a significant impact on the political status of Western Armenia. During this period, the culture of Armenia began to flourish, and the socio-economic situation clearly improved. Armenia, in a stubborn struggle, was able not only to preserve its socio-economic and national-cultural identity, but also to restore state and political independence led by the Bagratuni dynasty. The rule of the Bagratuni, established on the royal throne of Armenia, lasted for more than a century and a half (885-1045). The high level of social, economic and cultural development of the Armenians of that period is evidenced by the architectural monuments of Ani and Akhtamar, the poem by Grigor Narekatsi (X century) “The Book of Mournful Hymns”, numerous achievements of Armenian historiography.