Msho Charntir was compiled at the end of the 12th century by order of Astvatsatur in the city of Baberd in Western Armenia. In 1205, the choryntir was taken to the monastery of St. Arakelots in Mush, becoming one of the main shrines of the monastery. It has been stored there for 810 years, until 1915. In addition to the massacre of the Armenian people and the destruction of Armenian communities and Armenian churches, Turkish tribes also destroyed thousands of manuscripts stored there. Thanks to the dedication of the Armenian patriots, a large number of manuscripts were saved from destruction. One of them is a giant Msho Chartir weighing 28 kg. In the 13th-14th centuries, when writing and miniaturization flourished in High Armenia, the most famous center was the elder monastery of Yerznka, where this largest Armenian manuscript was written and flourished. It had 660 sheets, each of which was made of one ox leather. Now there are 601 sheets in the Matenadaran of Yerevan. The other 17 are stored in Venice, one in Vienna.

Georgy Minasyan – Dardes tvi sarerin (Armenian music)