The Turkish newspaper “Daily Sabah” published an article titled “In two months, 34,500 tourists visited the ancient city of Ani in Turkey. Researcher of the  Genocide of Armenians Museum-Institute Naira Sahakyan wrote in her article on the museum’s website: “At first glance, this news seems harmless and even positive, since a large number of people got acquainted with the ancient city, its magnificent cultural heritage. However, if you carefully read the text itself, you will understand that in the footnotes of this innocent information, a completely different goal is set – to change the identity of the Armenian medieval heritage. The Turkish “Daily Sabah” succeeded. The article not only does not affect the Armenian identity of Ani but even changes the identity of the city, presenting it as an Islamic cultural heritage. Turkey pursues this policy not only with regard to the Armenian cultural heritage, the most striking example of this is the St. Sophia temple, which has turned into a mosque.