The presentation of the book “Traces of our existence”, written by a citizen of Western Armenia, Western Armenian MP Mihran Prkich, took place in the Yerevan Tekeyan Center. The event took place in a crowded hall, among which there were also citizens of Western Armenia, cultural figures and researchers. During the event, Mihran Prkich told in detail the story of the creation of the book, which is directly related to the fate of Armenians living in Western Armenia before and after the genocide. It was noteworthy that even now the hidden Armenians with great difficulty preserve their national and religious identity and remain unnoticed along with their various problems. The presentation of the book was held in a warm atmosphere, at the end it was a talk between the author and the guests. Another MP from Western Armenia, Sahak Mutafian, was present at the presentation and told about himself, who will also soon publish a book presenting the history of his family.