St. Kirakos Church, located in the historical Sur quarter in Tigranakert of Western Armenia, which is the largest church of the Armenian community in the Middle East, has reopened 7 years later. The liturgy was served with the participation of the Armenian Patriarch of Constantinople Sahak Mashalyan. The ritual began with the ringing of bells. For many years, the church, which is in a half-destroyed state, was repaired and opened in 2012 by the efforts of the Armenian community and with the assistance of the Mayor’s Office of Tigranakert. However, the historic church was again closed to visitors due to damage during the conflicts of 2015-2016. The Armenian Church of St. Kirakos was built in 1376. Previously, the church, built in the quarter of the historical province of Sur, inhabited by numerous Armenians, served the Armenians until the genocide of 1915.