Most of the monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War in the territories occupied by Azerbaijan have been vandalized or destroyed. About it on a “Telegram ” channel  was written by Artsakh State Minister Artak Beglaryan. “24 Artsakh citizens became Heroes of the Soviet Union, and two of them – the legendary pilot, a native of Shushi, Nelson Stepanyan and Marshal of the Soviet Union Hovhannes Baghramyan were twice awarded this title. Seven residents of Artsakh became holders of the Order of Glory of all three degrees. 

One of the first Soviet soldiers awarded the Order of Glory in 1943 was also a native of Artsakh, a native of the village of Nerkin Sznek Gevorg Israelyan (in March 1945 he became a full knight of the Order of Glory). However, in 2020, after the Azerbaijani aggression on September 27 and following the results of the trilateral statement of the heads of Armenia, Russia and Azerbaijan on November 9 of the same year, 5,000 Armenian monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War (including the Soviet one) remained in the occupied territories of the Republic of Artsakh. The vast majority of these monuments were vandalized and destroyed,” A. Beglaryan wrote.