About 70% of the Urartian frescoes known to the world were discovered on the territory of the Erebuni Fortress. Currently, they are kept in the Erebuni Museum, the Armenian History Museum and the Pushkin Museum in Moscow. The Urartian frescoes found on the territory of Erebuni Fortress in Yerevan are radically different from others, they require special care, so it is very difficult to work with them.

In 2016, through the efforts of a number of researchers, a project was launched to restore and reconstruct the monumental frescoes of Erebuni. The first stage of restoration work was completed in the autumn of 2019, and the overall project will be completed in 2023. “Currently, there are no specialists in restoration of Urartu frescoes in Armenia. The frescoes are in poor condition and may simply disappear in a few years if they are not restored,” says Mikael Badalyan, director of the Erebuni Museum.