Noticeable changes have been taking place in Armenian literature since the middle of the XII century. In the 13th-14th centuries, Konstantin Yerznkatsi and Hovhannes Tlkurants were initiated, and in the future, thanks to the great merits of the poets Naghash Ovnatan, Pakhtasar Dpir and Sayat-Nova, Armenian love songs was perfected and finally formed. The spoken world of the people – middle Armenian – is becoming a literary language. Among the creators of this new trend, a special place is occupied by Mkhitar Gosh and Vardan Aigekci. At the beginning of the 13th century, the first collection of Armenian secular law was created in northern Armenia under the auspices of the Zakarian house – the “Datastanagirq” by Mkhitar Gosh, where the author discusses issues related to the theory and practical application of law. Back in the Middle Ages, M. Gosh’s “Datastanagirq” was translated into Latin, Polish and Georgian, and has been used for centuries both in Western Armenia and in Poland, Russia, Georgia, and India.