There are a number of historical facts about Tigranashen. The village did not have the status of an enclave, it was a historical Armenian village, which originally formed part of not only the first Republic of Armenia, but also Soviet Armenia. Ex-human rights defender of Armenia Arman Tatoyan writes about this. “The village was called Karke (Kyarki Azerbaijani). In the  vicinity of Tigranashen, deep into Nakhichevan, there is another Armenian village – the Armenian historical village of Genut, which also formed part of Soviet Armenia. Over the years, the village was divided into two parts due to the settlement of the Turkic dynasty of Jafarlu and received the names Jafarlu and Gunut. 

For example,  on the map of 1926, the village is part of Armenia. (We want to remind you that the real map is the map of Western Armenia adopted in 1920, and not the map of the Soviet Union established in 1921, – ed.). The historical facts are ignored, there are obviously unprofessional approaches of residents of border areas and their security, which for decades have deprived us of the legal basis for protecting the rights and interests of the Republic of Armenia and its citizens,” Arman Tatoyan,  former Ombudsman of Armenia, wrote.

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