According to Jnews sources, about 30 Armenian citizens, most of whom were civilians, were killed during the war in Ukraine. It should be noted that according to unofficial data of the Union of Armenians of Ukraine, about 400 thousand Armenians live in Ukraine. Despite the fact that there is a war there now, many Ukrainian Armenians have not left the country and are trying in every way to help. 

As of the 76th day of the war, the Armenian community of Ukraine, according to its representatives, collected more than 500 tons of humanitarian aid, uniforms, technical and vehicles, not counting the assistance of regional Armenian communities. Large-scale assistance to Ukraine is provided by individual regional communities. Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk thanked the Union of Armenians of Ukraine “for a significant contribution to countering the enemy, helping the civilian population and the armed forces of Ukraine.”

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