On May 13 (May 12 of this year) Mother Nature Festival of Goddess Anahit  on Areg month and Areg day(March 21) after 54 days  of the New Year-Easter, the first holiday of the year is celebrated, which is called Tsakhkazard. Tsakhkazard is a motionless sunny celebration of the Flowering of Mother Nature. Before the sunrise of the holiday, already at midnight, the constellation of Virgo appears on the top of the sky, also known as the Constellation of the Thorn, which is also a symbol of the Goddess Anahit, and therefore the holiday has a female character. 

According to the legend, the day before the holiday, the girls go with their jugs in the morning and take from seven springs seven handfuls of water, seven kinds of flowers, seven leaves of trees and collect stones from seven streams. And at midnight  they leave the jugs on the roof of the house under the open sky to see the Moon and stars so that they transfer their magical powers to the water. 

In the morning they take a sip of this water, pour it on the threshold of the house and pour the rest of the fate into a jug. Everyone threw their personal item into this jug, then pulled it into a fate, removed it from the jug, and whoever came out of it read its fate. During the day, houses were decorated with flowers, girls wore flower crowns, and a statue of Our Goddess Anahit walked the streets decorated with flowers. 

Tsakhkazard was also celebrated with great  events, national songs and dances in the temples of Goddess Anahit and Goddess Astkhik.

Kurm Yarut Arakelian

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