East Hampton J. Mackey Gallery is pleased to present “The Art of Arthur Pinajian” exhibition. A. Pinajian (1914-1999), the son of  Genocide of Armenians survivors and a native of New Jersey, was an great artistic force. The exhibition presents previously unseen and rare works of the artists of the 20th century, who have gone from unknown to famous. Historian Dr. William Inez Homer called A. Pinajian a “creative power” who can be ranked among the best artists of his era”. However, like many artistic geniuses, A. Pinajian has never received public attention in his life. “The Art of Artur Pinajian ” exhibition contains more than 30 works which cover more than 40 years, including works that were not previously available to the public. Both landscapes and paintings that are beautiful, spectacular and dynamic were chosen for the exhibition”.