The former Ombudsman of Armenia Arman Tatoyan made a note: In the Soviet years, in the border disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan, there were cases when the Azerbaijani authorities participated in official discussions, but at the same time organized attacks on Armenian villagers on the ground, seized land plots, and then turned these seized lands into the subject of “discussions” (Barana today’s Noyemberyan, Kohb, Koti, Dovegh and other villages). For example, since May 1922, disputes and the final work of the commissions of the border districts of Tavush, Karvansaray (Ijevan) and Kazakh provinces have been constantly delayed, since the organization of Azerbaijanis occupied most of the lands belonging to Armenians, and the Azerbaijanis refused to return them. In general, disputes often arose because of the large landowners of Azerbaijan. In fact, these were like gifts created for the Azerbaijani authorities in order to appear peaceful and humane to the world at the expense of our Motherland and compatriots.”