The village of Yeghnovit in the Hamshen province of Western Armenia is located in the Chamlyhemshin district. The main part of the population was engaged in animal husbandry and agriculture. As in the whole territory of Hamshen, the Armenian element has played a special role in various spheres of culture here. In this regard, the costume of Hamshen or Trapizon is noteworthy, which from an ethno-cultural point of view is of considerable interest and quite a peculiar costume. Like all Pontic Armenians, the costume of Trapizon was formed as a result of the fusion of a variety of Armenian costumes collected here from different Armenian places. There is little information about the population of Yeghnovit. It is known that they were forcibly deported during the  Genocide of Armenians in 1915. Most of them died on the way to exile.