The history goes back to 30 years ago when during the First Artsakh War, the ‘Heights 5165’ Association decided to organize humanitarian actions under the auspices of Hovsep Hovsepyan to help the affected population of Martakert in Artsakh. Claude Yervand Harutyunyan, the father of the current co-chairman of the Southern Department of the Coordinating Council of Armenian Organizations of France (CCAF-Sud) Julien Tigran Harutyunyan, was present on the team, among others. Welcoming the co-chairs of the CCAF-Sud Aurora Bruna, Julian Tigran Harutyunyan, and Azat Balalas Kazanjyan, the presence of President Armenag Aprahamian at the dinner at the CCAF-Sud is not accidental, even if the date corresponds to the date on the eve of the elections to the legislative bodies of France. 

President Armenag Aprahamian does not forget about the assistance provided by the Armenian community of Marseille to the Armenian population of Artsakh for 30 years. President Armenag Aprahamian, together with Senator Brigitte Deveza, met with young representatives of the Metropolitan Council and Mrs. Martin Vassal, ex-President of the Metropolis of Marseille-Provence, Mayor of Marseille Mr. Benoit Payan, Deputy of Bouches du Rhône Mr. Mohamed Lakhila, as well as with several elected officials who were interested in better understanding the position of France, the Armenian issue, the rights of Armenians in Western Armenia and who are always ready to support Armenians. 

Nevertheless, France is also the president of the European Union today, so the government of Western Armenia, its parliament, as well as the Armenian communities should take into account this political reality. This dinner gave the President an opportunity to meet with the leaders of the Association and active members of the Armenian community in order to better understand the issue of Western Armenia, and its current importance in building the future of the Armenian people. 

Two years after Covid  this meeting was a need, and they did it.