On special assignments, RA Ambassador Edmon Marukyan spoke on Public Television about what secret Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan wanted to tell in the National Assembly a few days ago, when the deputy from the Armenia faction Armen Rustamyan presented Nikol Pashinyan with a public demand for his resignation, after which the opposition deputies left the meeting room.

According to Edmon Marukyan, the Prime Minister  wanted to say that when Armenia agreed to the Madrid Principles in 2007, Armenia thereby invalidated the 1991 referendum in which Artsakh declared independence, since an agreement had already been reached on a new referendum on the Madrid Principles.

“From 1991 to 2007, it was assumed that Armenian diplomacy should have been involved in the process of recognizing the independence of Artsakh. During these negotiations, 16 years later, we accept and also say that we proposed the Madrid Principles, according to which, in fact, the referendum held in Artsakh is considered invalid, an agreement was reached on a new referendum in which Azerbaijanis should participate in the same proportion as in the USSR. Meanwhile, during the referendum of 91, an organized legal framework was also created, the Azerbaijanis did not want to participate in this referendum, not that we did not allow them, but did not want to, and as a result, attacks were committed. So, 16 years of work were useless. Edmon Marukyan recalled that at that time there was the Armenian Revolutionary Federation in the coalition government, Robert Kocharian was president, and Serzh Sargsyan was in power and was a key player. He added that in the end Azerbaijan did not agree with the Madrid principles either. “But we considered the referendum we held to be nothing, we made the independence we proclaimed by the referendum of the people of Artsakh a subject of discussion. It was about this that the Prime Minister was not allowed to say. I am sure that the Prime Minister will form all this better, since he has been involved in negotiations for so many years, and he knows about every detail. The thought was like this, they didn’t let him say it, because it was not profitable for them,” E. Marukyan said.

 The Ambassador also accused the Artsakh Parliament. He noted that in 2007, when Armenia agreed to the Madrid Principles, why did the Artsakh Parliament not hold a meeting, did not accept the statement and did not express its disagreement. And when the Prime Minister said that the international community tells us that if you lower the bar on the issue of the status of Artsakh, you will ensure greater international consolidation, that is, the Prime Minister strictly quotes the words of the international community. In this case, the National Assembly of Artsakh accepts the statement and qualifies the statement of the Prime Minister as catastrophic.