The Azerbaijanis have not installed power-poles in the village of Agavno, they will be installed in the mountains adjacent to the village. In an interview with, the head of the Agavno community Andranik Chavushyan said. “We have also agreed with the responsible authorities that, taking into account the conflict, these power-poles should be located outside the village. Our offer was accepted. It’s not like this is a new topic, the agreement was old, they just came to install these power-poles now.

In one place they tried to install it in the village, but we rejected it,” A. Chavushyan said. According to him, the trilateral statement of November 9 provides for the construction of a new road, electricity, and other issues. “There was an agreement that the electricity should be installed, the Russian peacekeepers say that they are doing their job, moreover, they consider we are violating the agreement. 

Now there are  people who say: the Azerbaijanis are paving the way. If our people don’t build, they have to build, they work day and night, why don’t our people build? This path bypasses our village, but it does not change anything, we will continue to live here,” the head of the community said.