On May 18, the National Costume Day was celebrated in Akhalkalak, in the Khas Bakhcha City Park. Two dance groups from Akhalkalak took part in the celebration – “Murji” and “Javakhk”. In everyday life, it is not customary to wear national clothes or an Armenian costume, since in Akhalkalak they believe that the costume is more a stage costume. This day has been celebrated in Akhalkalak for several years. 

“On this day, we not only presented national clothes to the city, but it was also a celebration in the form of Georgian and Armenian dances. Before that, we invited everyone to come in national clothes, to be not just a spectator, but a participant of this day. It’s a pleasure to just go out together in these clothes. It’s like paying tribute to our ancestors who wore such clothes,” said Giorgi Metreveli, the head of the Merji dance ensemble.