At the moment, the number of Armenian prisoners of war and captured civilians in Azerbaijan, according to the data approved by Azerbaijan, is 38. Artsakh Ombudsman Gegham Stepanyan stated this in the National Assembly of Artsakh. “However, the ombudsman of Artsakh, the ombudsman of Armenia, and human rights organizations operating in Armenia have concrete facts with which we can prove the fact that another 80 people are in captivity. Unfortunately, this is still not confirmed by Azerbaijan in any way, which gives us reason to have a reasonable suspicion that Azerbaijan is deliberately hiding the real number of prisoners of war and captured civilians,” he said.

According to Gegham Stepanyan, there are no citizens of Artsakh among these 38 people. “35 of them are military, 3 are civilians who were captured after the announcement on November 9. However, 19 civilians are still missing. There are people among them, in whose captivity we can also prove with facts.