A temporary exhibition “Dedication to Komitas” dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the birth of Yegishe Charents has opened at the Komitas Museum-Institute. The exhibition presents fragments of Charents’ work ” In memory of Komitas. Requiem Aetrnam” from the manuscript of the poem, donated to the Komitas Museum-Institute. 

Gevorg Grigoryan’s painting “Charents and Komitas” was also shown. Reporting information about the manuscripts, the poet’s granddaughter Gohar Charents said that Charents had never met Komitas and for the first time saw Komitas’ ashes arrive in Armenia a few months after his death. 

The manuscript, along with many other works of Charents, was kept underground by the Honored Artist of the Armenian SSR, a close friend of Charents, Regina Ghazaryan. The works have remained underground for 17 years. They were withdrawn after the death of Communist Party leader Joseph Stalin. The part was destroyed, and it was not possible to restore it, however, “In memory of Komitas. Requiem Aetrnam” poem was in a pretty good condition.