As we recently reported, Austria has officially recognized the Alevi religion as an independent faith. Austria has recognized that Alevism has nothing to do with any religion. What do the citizens of Alevi think about this achievement taken as a result of their 13-year struggle? The responses of the citizens who took part in the 16th conference of the Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural Union (PSAKD) were something like this: “This decision was a very important development for the Alevi community. It should have been done in our country, not in Europe. Democracy is a serious process. 

We believe that we will succeed, too, because the struggle for democracy is growing in our country. In Turkey, Alevism as a union has been forming for 40 years. However, for the future, it is necessary to create an economic and academic infrastructure. Alevism has existed in these lands for more than 1,500 years, but we have become a society that has always obeyed the policy of assimilation. Despite the achievements of the Alevis continuing in Europe, we are still ignored in Turkey. Even our victories in the legal sphere are not processed yet. Alevism is a faith, a path that has nothing to do with another religion. In our faith, all people are equal. We hope that in our country they will follow the example of Austria too”.