Soghomon Teylirian was born on April 2 , 1896 in the village of Nerkin Bagarich in the Yerznka province of Western Armenia. From 1898-99 the Teylirian family moved from Bagarich to the Armenian-populated town of Yerznka. Soghomon studied at the Central Gymnasium. 18-year-old Soghomon moved to Serbia in 1914. In the beginning of 1915, together with a group of Armenian young people living in the Balkans, Soghomon came to Tbilisi, where he joined the 1st Armenian volunteer detachment of commander Andranik. He participated in the battles of the Sepuh army consisting of 250 people. 

In June, 1915, Teylerian, together with Armenian volunteers, entered Van and witnessed the deportation of local Armenians. He, along with thousands of Armenian refugees, arrived in Igdir, then from there to Yerevan. 

In 1916 Soghomon came to Yerznka, which at that time was captured by Russian troops with the belief that he would find the lost members of his family. However, only the daughter of his older brother Misak survived from a family of 85 people. Filled with revenge, Teiliryan shot former Turkish Interior Minister Talaat in Berlin on March 15, 1921. Later he was arrested by German police. As a result of some facts and evidence, on June 3, 1921, a German court in Berlin acquitted Soghomon Teiliryan. 

The devoted son of the Armenian people died on May 23, 1960 in San Francisco, USA.