The Government of Western Armenia informs that a number of our compatriots who were expelled from the city of Shushi, confiscated by Azerbaijan after the 44-day war in 2020, and left homeless and without means of livelihood, have addressed Western Armenia. Back in 2021, Western Armenia adopted the law on the status of Artsakh and the regulation of relations between Western Armenia and Artsakh, which notes that Artsakh is a province of Western Armenia with broad autonomy and its own executive bodies. 

The protest letters of the residents of Shushi addressed to our government and their request to bring them to high authorities, such as the European Court, will be taken into account by us in the coming days and after the final formulation of the protest will be sent to the European Court. 

Our Government assures all its citizens and our compatriots that it will always follow the protests and legitimate demands of every Armenian and all citizens of Western Armenia in connection with the violation of their rights and problems of nativeness. 

We will not allow any state, organization or individual to cause physical, moral or material damage to our citizens, regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliation.