During the festival called “Off-Road Festival ” in the Lije province in Tigranakert of Western Armenia, a bus was bypassed in the central part of the city, on which a photo of an armed Topal Osman was posted. The name of the latter is known from history as one of the authors of bloody pogroms against Kurds, Greeks and Armenians. 

The festival was held at the suggestion of the Vice-Governor of Tigranakert in Giresun Murad Ozturk and in cooperation with the governorship of Giresun. The bus was provided by the Governor of Giresun to transport the participants. It should be noted that Topal Osman was the co-author and perpetrator of the bloody attacks on Greeks and Armenians in the Black Sea, and in Sebastia – on Kurdish Alevis, the mass demonstration of whose photo caused a wave of protest among the population. 

Western Armenia condemns these and similar actions, while assessing the attitude of a reasonable and democratic society towards this act and its organizers.