Any kind of autonomy is unacceptable for the people of Artsakh. Artsakh Ombudsman Gegham Stepanyan stated this in an interview with journalists, answering a question about the possible signing of an agreement between Armenia and Azerbaijan on granting Artsakh the status of cultural autonomy. “This is not an end in itself and not a whim. The people of Artsakh already know what the autonomy within Azerbaijan is like. They know from clear demographic indicators, the discriminatory policy pursued by Soviet Azerbaijan. The number of the Azerbaijani population grew, the number of the Armenian population decreased. Azerbaijani way of life was imposed on the people of Artsakh. We have repeatedly noted that we will not be part of Azerbaijan. Whoever accepts it or whatever was accepted we will not be part of Azerbaijan,” he said. The Ombudsman stressed that the people of Artsakh will not accept such a document if it becomes a reality.