Khazhak Sirakanyan, who studies historical materials, wrote on his Facebook page: “What kind of sacred monuments were built by our ancestors thousands of years ago.

Megalithic structures: these are ancient memorial or religious buildings made of large-sized stones with a rough surface. Megalithic structures belong mainly to the Eneolithic and the Bronze Age and are widely distributed around the world. It is also widely spread in different parts of the Armenian Highlands. 

There are many megalithic monuments in Armenia, and as a result of the excavations, there are more of them”. We will note some of these monuments: cromlech, a type of megalithic structure of the Neolithic and mainly of the Bronze Age, vishapakar, a megalithic monument, dolmen-an ancient tomb structure, menhir-a monument  ancient times dedicated to the memory of our ancestors.

Varuzhan Margaryan – Akh, maral jan (Ախ, մարալ ջան – Armenian folk song).