Turkey is a big threat to the region. This was stated by a well-known expert of one of the analytical centers of Egypt, Rami Zahid. “We lost a lot during the Ottoman Empire and we don’t want the Ottoman Empire to be reborn,” he said. According to him, Turkey is still cooperating with such terrorist structures as “Jabat al-Nusra” and the “Islamic State”. He noted that Turkey’s involvement in the Syrian crisis in recent years indicates that Ankara wants to turn the entire Middle East into its zone of influence. He accused Turkey of committing a crime against various minorities living in Syria. “This is certainly a crime and an attempt to change the demographics of the region. They are trying to make Turkish the northern part of Syria. Despite the positions stated by the Arabic countries on this issue, Turkish expansion in this region is a big threat. At the same time, Turkey’s target is not only Syria. The Arab world will never allow Erdogan to create an Ottoman Empire,” the analyst said.