The attitude of the authorities of the Republic of Artsakh to the statements voiced in various formats about the fate of the Republic of Artsakh and the people of Artsakh during negotiations and discussions has been repeatedly expressed by the President and the National Assembly. 

Let’s remember some provisions published by President A. Harutyunyan in December 2021:

1. Full recognition of the right of the Armenians of Artsakh to self-determination is not subject to any concessions. The exclusive owner of this issue is the people of Artsakh.

2. The international recognition of the independence of the Republic of Artsakh remains the guideline of the authorities. Any status within Azerbaijan is unacceptable.

3. Going back to the past is unacceptable not only in terms of status but also in demographic terms. The Republic of Artsakh has a problem with restoring its territorial integrity.

The authorities of Artsakh build and implement in accordance with the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Artsakh and the Mother Law, cooperating with all partners.