After the trilateral meeting in Brussels, Aliyev called Erdogan and presented the results. He emphasized that an agreement had been reached on the opening of the Zangezur Corridor, including on issues of both the railway and the highway. Baku has signed an agreement with Iran on launching a “corridor” with Nakhichevan through Iran. At the same time, Baku insists on the “Zangezur corridor”. The reason for this is the implementation of the relevant paragraph of the November 9 statement and the issue of opening land communications with Nakhichevan. The problem is broader and is related to the extended application of the 1921 Moscow / Kars Russian-Turkish treaties with the extended application. Their maximum legal term has expired, which was the reason for the Russian-Turkish campaign in 2020 against Armenia. According to these agreements, Nakhichevan is an Armenian autonomy temporarily placed under the guardianship of Baku. In turn, the problems of Kars and other Armenian occupied territories remain open to Turkey, since the Lausanne Treaty is invalid in a strict legal sense. By this treaty, Kars was recognized as the territory of Turkey. This border issue was an opportunity to unite all the problems of Armenia and take a strong position, at least on the issues of security, the status of Artsakh, and the return of refugees.