Armenian ex-Ombudsman Arman Tatoyan made a note, a part from which we present to your attention: “the statement made during the trilateral meeting in Brussels absolutely ignores the  right of the indigenous people of Artsakh to self-determination and the Azerbaijani genocidal policy towards Artsakh. There are no guarantees in the security sector of Armenia. However, what is happening is also a consequence of the fact that the Armenian authorities have consistently canceled our fundamental thesis of historical significance, starting with the fact that the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan has nothing to do with Artsakh. In Syunik, roads are built in such a way that they are under the Azerbaijani gun. The facts of Azerbaijani crimes have been and continue to be hidden from the outside world, from the internal society and the Diaspora. They tied the hands of our state in the matter of international mechanisms, and made the country a victim of geopolitical interests. All this has freed Azerbaijan’s hands even more to fill the world with falsifications. They have become numb and continue to dull people’s vigilance”.

    The Parliament of Western Armenia presents the law on Artsakh, which was approved on 24.02.2022.