The Russian Foreign Ministry again reacted nervously to the Michel-Pashinyan-Aliyev talks in Brussels. Last time, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that Brussels wants to master the process initiated by Russia’s efforts. The same problems are discussed in the “formats” of Brussels and Moscow, with one exception: the West-the United States and the European Union noted that the Artsakh problem has not been resolved and recognized the rights of the people of Artsakh, but in the Moscow format this is not and cannot be discussed – the top leadership of the Russian Federation stated that the issue of Artsakh has been resolved and there is no status problem. 

Russia’s reaction is undoubtedly connected with the loss of power in the Caucasus and, most importantly, standing face-to-face with Armenia. After the events in Karaglukh and Lavrov’s admission that the US and France defended Armenian interests, Russia can no longer hide behind Baku’s back. And the situation in the Caucasus does not depend on Russia from the moment when a joint operation against Armenia was launched with the Turks.