On September 12, Kenan Guven, appointed the Governor of Dersim, started the project “One mosque in each village”. Now some centers are being established in the provinces and in different parts of the city. Noting that the assimilation policy pursued by the state in Dersim continues to grow every day, Musa Kullu, co-chairman of the Alevis Democrats Union, said that the state’s goal is to destroy the faith, language and memory of the Dersim people by strengthening Islamic rituals in people’s everyday life. 

The state, together with the so-called “Alevis” entrusted to them, is trying to put an end to Alevism in Dersim. It is no coincidence that 500 leaders were sent on pilgrimage from Dersim to Mecca, who are called Alevi dede (grandfather of Alevi) in the language of the people. 

“The state is trying to put an end to Alevism in Dersim by developing various policies,” said Nevin Kamilagaoglu, the equal chairman of the Confederation of European Unions of Alevis, and added: “We know very well how pro-government people work in Dersim Cemevi (the gathering place of Alevis, ed.), cooperating with people representing the Alevi Dede community (grandfather Alevi). All this is aimed at changing the social structure of Dersim. We also know that young people are being sent to the criminal world there.”