One of the historical and cultural treasures of Western Armenia, the Tigranakert Fortress, defies history with its quality and durability. It is easy to say that the walls of this castle have been standing for about 9,000 years. The castle occupies a special place in the Book of Records for the length of the surrounding walls. 

The cultural significance of the Tigranakert fortress was officially registered by UNESCO in 2015, when it was declared a World Heritage Site. This powerful architectural structure deserves to be remembered not only for its splendor, but also for its handmade architectural solutions. There is also a legend about the castle: they say that if the Harberd fortress and the Tigranakert fortress, built by two masters, are destroyed at the same time, then the apocalypse will begin. Of course, given the strength of these walls, there seems to be nothing to be afraid of.