Under all the outstanding buildings of Constantinople, you can see the Balian signature. In Western Armenia, the Balian family is known as the most famous family of Ottoman architecture of the XIX century. Balian family is of Armenian origin -father, son, and brothers, have been architects continuously for four generations. Their roots come from Caesarea. These architects, who for about a century bore the surname Balian, followed each other and led a fruitful and influential life. Balians were educated in Europe, and when European architecture began to be considered fashionable in the empire, it was they who became masters of their craft. Their extensive professional activity and talent led to the fact that the surname Balian was proclaimed both inside the country and abroad. They built the Nusretiye Topkhane Mosque, Bayazet Tower, Besiktashi Castle, Sultan Arnavutkey Valide fortress, as well as the Armenian church of St. Astvatsatsin in the Ortakey district, the famous Dolmabakhche and Khragan palaces, the Armenian Church of St. Nshan, the Holy Trinity, the Armenian Church of St. Astvatsin and many other beautiful structures.