The fortress city of Bayas is located in the Cilicia of Western Armenia on the eastern coast of the Aleqsandrite. There is little information about Bayas (especially ancient ones). At the end of the XII century, the last Lord of  Bayas was ranked among the first-class princes of Cilician Armenia. In the same century, Bayas St.Astvatsatsin Church, market, hotel, and bathhouse are remembered. There is a castle called by historians the fortress of Kusanats. Having fallen under the power of foreign conquerors, it fell and turned into a bad village. Thanks to the cultivation of fertile lands, it flourished in the XVIII century.  At the beginning of the XX century , Bayas was the center of the province of the same name. It had about 5 thousand Armenians who were engaged in handicrafts and trade, partly in agriculture. The Armenians of Bayas were deported in 1915 during the  Genocide of Armenians. After the Second World War, about 300 Armenians who returned from deportation lived in Bayas.