The Dadyan family is one of the Armenian families that has invested in various fields. An Armenian named Petros Bey from the village of Yerznka in Western Armenia emigrated to Constantinople in 1650 and engaged in the jewelry business. Ottoman Sultan Selim III named his uncle Dad Arkel (Arakel) Amira the chief gunsmith, and the family named him Dadyan. After that, different family members held different positions. By order of Mahmud II, the family was exempted from all types of taxes. The Sultan gives the family huge plots of land on which Hovhannes Bey is building a gunpowder factory, several churches, and a school. Dadyan Armenian School in Constantinople and St. Astvatsatsin Church is among them. Among the famous family members is Artin Dadyan Pasha. Artin Pasha held important positions in the field of diplomacy, worked in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and represented the empire in Europe. He died in 1901. Part of the great Dadyan family now lives in Europe and America.