The organization “Ecological Movement of Mesopotamia” has issued a written statement regarding the deforestation and plundering of nature on the territory of Western Armenia. The statement stressed that the policy of attracting profits to nature will have serious consequences for the entire planet. The statement, which drew attention to the destruction of forests and forest fires in the region, notes that wars are also the cause of the destruction of ecology and threaten wildlife. In addition, deforestation under the name of “Security”, and the construction of police stations and border police stations in their place can be considered a concrete act of social pressure in the region. Western Armenia, while agreeing with the statement of the aforementioned organization, once again expresses its sharp criticism of any encroachment on nature and ecology in its territories.

The destruction of the nature of Western Armenia (Anahit) is an attack on the genetic resources of the indigenous people.

As a member of the intergovernmental committee on Intellectual Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge, and Cultural Diversity, Western Armenia calls on the international community to condemn all such abuses on its territory.