At the second session of the National Assembly of Western Armenia of the seventh convocation, Speaker of the Parliament Nelly Harutyunyan made an introductory speech, confirming the list of present and absent deputies. 30 deputies were present at the meeting, and 19 were absent. During the meeting, the candidacy of a new deputy was presented, which was approved unanimously. The parliamentary commissions of the National Assembly, in particular, the Chairmen of the commission presented a report on the current period, followed by the report of the Chairman of the National Assembly Nelly Harutyunyan. Issues related to possible new changes in the internal regulations and new works to be carried out this year were also discussed. During the second session, the President of Western  Armenia Armenag Aprahamian, Prime Minister Seda Melikian, and members of the ministries made speeches, presenting the work done by the ministers and the government.

During the sitting, a number of proposals were made on constitutional changes and other issues.

According to Article 70 of the National Constitution of Western Armenia, the issue of the termination of the powers of the President of the Republic of  Western  Armenia in December 2023 was put on the agenda.  A request was sent to the National Assembly to find out the names of possible candidates. The National Assembly has accepted the possibility of presenting the candidacy of President Armenag Aprahamian at the next parliamentary elections if he wishes. We will consider all these issues in detail in the near future.