Pamela Steiner is a senior researcher at the FXB Center for Health and Human Rights at the Harvard School of Public Health, who has been a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School’s Cambridge Hospital for 12 years. His book “Collective Trauma –  Genocide of Armenians” examines the conflict of more than 100 years of Armenian-Turkish-Azerbaijani relations since 1839. The book is intended to understand the psychology of both victims and criminals, from political and military figures to workers and villagers. 

Dr. Steiner suggests more successful solutions to conflicts that will allow these countries to grow and thrive in a healthy way. Dr. Steiner divided the 18 chapters of the book into four parts: Part I – “Collective trauma. introduction”, part II – “A brief history of Armenian-Turkish relations”, part III – “The right to violence in Armenian-Azerbaijani relations in Transcaucasia” and part IV – “Analysis and process of collective trauma. is another future possible?”.