In the Kaghkedon quarter (Kadikoy) in Constantinople, from June 4 to 5, 2022, a Festival of fairy tales in languages on the verge of extinction will be held, within which fairy tales in the languages of peoples living under the Turkish dictatorship, recognized by UNESCO as endangered, will be read. During this unique festival, a concert will be held at which songs in endangered languages will be performed, as well as exhibitions and posters on the theme of the native language. 

Thanks to the festival, the sounds of disappearing languages will become audible to the world, and fairy tales in these languages will be recorded. The event will draw attention to languages on the verge of extinction in Turkey, among which there are a total of 15 languages: Western Armenian, Hamshen, Zaza, Laz, Georgian, etc. 

Naturally, it is pleasant that such events are organized, thanks to which it is possible to raise the issue of the modernity of the Western Armenian language and literature written in our native language. The position of Western Armenia regarding this festival is as follows: all the rights of indigenous peoples should be protected and applied in their own territories not only with the support of international organizations and not only in the field of culture but also on their own will and initiative in any field.