Head of the Tourism Department of Artsakh Gevorg Arakelyan presented the main directions and existing difficulties in the field of tourism in Artsakh. After the war, a special list of safe places for tourists was created in Artsakh. “With the loss of territories, we have lost already established tourist places with their infrastructure and roads. Therefore, we will pay more attention to rural hikes, since not all cars can pass along these roads,” G. Arakelyan said. 

Among them are the village of Vank in the north with the Gandzasar monastery, the palace-fortress called “Gates”, which is the ancestry of Hassan-Jalalyans, the village of Tsmakakhoh, Kolatak, the village of Tsakhkashat, Artkhashen with its famous “stars”, etc. In the south, the tourist destinations are the Amaras Monastery, Tnjri, and Bovurkhan Monastery. Before the war, citizens of the USA, France, Germany, Poland, and China also visited Artsakh. After the war, foreign visitors to Artsakh are mainly Armenians of Armenian origin, as well as citizens of the Russian Federation.