Deputy Director of the National Security Service of Armenia Aram Hakobyan said that all the cards will be put on the table during the demarcation process. When asked which cards of the year will be taken as a basis, Hakobyan replied: “different, how many cards we have, we will put on the table.” What kind of cards are we talking about, the Soviet General Staff of the Russian Federation, which are a real trap for the Armenian side? Or is the Armenian commission really going to put all the available cards on the table? For example, the maps of Sevres, the League of Nations, which, unlike the Soviet administrative divisions, have international legitimacy and can be the basis. The Armenian Commission is also going to put on the table the issue of the Russian-Turkish Kars Treaty of 1921, the maximum legal term of which has expired and which is the reason for the Russian-Turkish campaign of 2020 against Armenia. Due to this and other circumstances, the question of the return of Nakhichevan to Armenia arises. With the differentiation of Soviet maps, the problem will not be closed. On the table, at least, is the issue of Artsakh and Nakhichevan and the legalization of belonging to Baku, in which case the regional corridor of Meghri will become a reality.