Derjan is a province in the Bardzr Hayk province of Greater Armenia. It is located in the valley of the upper reaches of the Euphrates. Prominent peaks are Mariam, Pakhr, Khach and Khalkhal. Since ancient times, Derjan has been proclaimed arable land, the cultivation of selected varieties of grain. In May 1915, Turkish tribes exterminated most of the Armenians of Derjan, strangled many in the Euphrates, and forcibly Islamized the survivors. More than 1,000 Derjans who escaped the massacre settled in Romania and Bulgaria, partly in Russia and America. In 1916, Russian troops liberated Derjan for the second time, but the Turks again captured it in January 1918. Currently, the territory of Derjan is divided between the provinces of Erznka and Erzurum.