The Chairman of the National Union of Yezidis of the Republic of Armenia, Khdr Hajoyan, in an interview with the Rudaw news channel, spoke about the culture and daily life of Yezidis living in Armenia. In particular, he noted that the Yezidis deported to Armenia during the Ottoman Empire have preserved their shrines and traditions to this day. In the 2011 census, 35,308 Yezidis lived in Armenia, of which in 11 years their number reached 40,000, which is confirmed by prominent leaders of the Yezidi community. “The Republic of Armenia gives us many opportunities. For example, we have a Yazidi newspaper and a radio. Our children study in schools in 60 villages and cities, receiving up to the 12th-grade science about the history and literature of the Yezidis.” Touching upon the relations between the Yezidis of Shengal and Armenia, Khdr Hajoyan noted: “After the genocide of the Yezidis (the period of ISIS), the bridge between the Yezidis from Armenia and Shengal became stronger. Our relations and ties are strengthening every day”: