The US State Department has published the latest annual report on religious freedoms, which talks about religious freedom in different countries. Noting the year 2021, the Turkish section of the report criticized the government’s work style regarding religious freedoms. The report states that the Constitution proclaims the country a  state, enshrines freedom of religion, thought, and worship, and prohibits discrimination on religious grounds. The report touched upon the powers and responsibilities of the committee, noting that it mainly contributes to the development of Islam, giving impetus to the creation of Islamic educational institutions. The report also notes that the government continues to restrict the rights of non-Muslim religious minorities, in particular, Armenian Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Greek Orthodox Christians. According to the report, in January of this year, an Armenian Christian MP condemned the destruction of the 17th-century Armenian Church in Kutakhia, which was protected by law. Reference was also made to the violations of the religious rights of the Alevi minority, the Kurds, and various other nations.