In an interview with RIA Novosti, Artsakh State Minister Artak Beglaryan stated․ “Taking into account the format of the Minsk Group co-chairs and the effective role of the Russian peacekeeping mission, we believe that the issue of the settlement of the Artsakh conflict should not be a subject of negotiations for the European Union. The settlement of the Artsakh problem is impossible in the future since there is a serious contradiction of positions between Artsakh and Azerbaijan. We will continue to make efforts for the international recognition of the Republic of Artsakh. After the international recognition of Artsakh’s independence, it will also be possible to consider the issue of the republic becoming part of Armenia. Azerbaijan currently “feels strong,” in addition, this country receives military and political support from Turkey, so the Artsakh authorities will look for ways to “gradually, step by step solve their problems, and in the future through direct negotiations with Azerbaijan.”